September 16th, 2016

First Official Phone Game!

We’re about to release our first mobile game, Zohm, for Android and iOS!  You may already be familiar with Zohm if you live in Montreal.  It’s a game that takes place during meditations in the mind where the enemies are negative thoughts and emotions.  The goal of the game is to avoid the negative thoughts and emotions and collect inner riches to reach enlightenment.

People say meditation is easy; just clear your mind.  Zohm is about the difficulties of meditation, packed into a sweet, simple game.

If you like quick, challenging gameplay, then Zohm is for you.  This arcade style game is a great way to pass time when you are on the bus or waiting for a friend.  Channel your stress into focus as you learn to relax in the craziest of environments.

Zohm is available on iOS and Android.

Screenshots from our new game Zohm.

June 10th, 2016

The Limited Scope Challege

Our adventure as game designers started like most others -- neither of us could program or make art and we had never made a game before.  All that in consideration, we decided it would be a great idea to make a triple A style moba.  Genius right?

Suffice to say, despite months of toil, it was impossible for us to finish.  We had yet to learn how to realistically plan the scope of our projects.  In case you are not familiar with game design terminology, scope is just a fancy word that means "everything you need to do to finish your game".  Our scope for this crazy MOBA was hilariously insurmountable.

A couple of years later, after our first game design class at Dawson, we had a revelation.  It was a challenge that consumed our lives for the next couple of months after.  The challenge was:  What is the best game you can make with the least number of mechanics and assets possible?  We called this the "Limited Scope Challenge".

This was a huge turning point in our development career.  We had learned more in the first 3 months of this challenge than we had learned in our first 2 years of designing games.  Ultimately, this challenge is what lead to the development of Zohm.

Some examples of games we made through limited scope challenge.

February 22nd, 2016

Indie Game Design School!

Dawson College in Montreal has taken on the challenge of creating the first ever Indie Game Development program.  The program is run by Osama Dorias (a game designer who has been a huge source of inspiration to us) and taught by industry professionals who provide valuable insight for budding developers.

The program itself is 4 semesters long with 4 evening classes per week.  The classes are divided into the 4 key disciplines required to start a game company:  Game Design, Game Programming, Game Art and Business.

This program has helped us so much in our journey in creating a game company.  As members of the 2nd cohort of this program, we would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start an Indie game company and not knowing where to start; However, for those people wanting to work in the AAA industry, in a specialized field, a university degree would likely be a better avenue.

If you’d like to know what it takes to get in, check out this link for more information:

Dawson Indie Game Design

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